AdWords – Google Partner In Boulder City

AdWords – Google Partner In Boulder City

Google Partner In Boulder City

Colorado locals all know that Boulder City is unlike anywhere else on Earth. The people here move to the beat of their own drum and don’t conform to society’s AdWords Google Partner Boulder Citynorms. Internet search trends that are normal in other parts of the country are not necessarily the same here. That’s just one reason why it is essential to hire a local AdWords Google Partner in Boulder City to reach the right audience for your business.

Most people who have worked with multiple online marketing agencies know that a certified Google Partner Agency has the knowledge, skills, and support to get the most out of your online marketing budget on AdWords. The reason most advertising campaigns fail on AdWords is because their account is not using Google Best Practices to optimize for the overall business goals of the business.

Ad Relevance

After auditing many AdWords campaigns, I have seen low-performing marketing agencies that are not doing one of the most important Google AdWords best practices for search marketing. It is always a best practice to ensure that your entire online marketing strategy is centered around your business goals and that the path to acquisition is relevant through each step. This means that the keyword, ad, and landing page (content) are relevant to each other and are all geared toward driving these goals. If someone searches for the term “Boulder City 10 Speed Bikes,” you would want your keyword to be relevant to that term with an ad about 10-speed bikes in Boulder, and a landing page with 10-speed bikes showing how they can purchase them from your business in Boulder City.

AdWords gives each keyword a quality score. Relevance is most essential when thinking about keywords and bids because relevance is a very big factor in determining your quality score. Your quality score plus your bid equals your ad rank. Your ad rank decides where your ad will show up in the online auction when your keyword is triggered by a search query. An advertiser with a high ad rank will pay less for higher positions and vice versa for low ad rank.

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Landing Page Experience

The landing page is the first web page an internet user visits after clicking on your ad. In order to turn these visitors into customers, you want them to have the best experience possible. To this end, it is important that your page loads quickly with the relevant information that the advertisement had set expectations for. A slow loading landing page frustrates internet users and Google knows this. Google is always trying to promote better user experience and deter sites that don’t.

Having a mobile-friendly landing page is another factor that affects the user’s landing page experience. The user should be directed to a mobile-friendly landing page when someone clicks on your ad from a mobile device. When not enjoying the benefits of the area, everyone in Boulder City is on a mobile device. In fact, mobile usage has far surpassed desktop by so much that Google has optimized their algorithms to prioritize mobile search ranking leaders first.

Relevance and landing page experience are two of the greatest obstacles to customer acquisition that I have seen for low-performing online marketing agencies. Google wants their advertisers to succeed. That is why they have created best practices, certification programs, and Google Partner support to ensure that their partners are getting the best returns on their spend.

Google Partner Boulder City

Web and SEM is a Google Partner in Boulder City that is certified by Google and specializes in search advertising. Web and SEM has a long history of increasing sales conversions and lowering cost per acquisition for its clients in Boulder City and throughout Colorado. Want to take your business to the next level? Contact Web and SEM Now!

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As an online marketing and advertising manager for WebandSEM, Daniel has over 7 years creating successful search engine marketing and advertising campaigns on a wide selection of advertising platforms.

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