Cost for Newspaper Ad

Cost for Newspaper Ad

Cost for Newspaper Ad 

When considering your cost for newspaper ad, you will want to consider several things:

1. Advertising budget vs. return on investment. Newspapers and magazines are a great way to build brand awareness among select demographics, but not the best at driving action. There are other advertising options that reach a wider and more targeted audience. One of these options is Google AdWords, which use targeted buying trigger keywords that people use to search the web.

2. Which publications will most of your target customers be subscribed? Do you want to focus locally (such as California or New York), or nationally (USA Today, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, etc.). Know your market and find the newspaper that your market is most likely to be reading. Newspapers have a limited reach, but are able to be geographically targeted very well. Use your best location targeting knowledge when choosing what publication you will be advertising through.

3. Is there a reward, like discount or coupon, for the reader to do business with you? People are more likely to do business with you if they think it benefits them in some way. If you use an incentive, you are more likely to see more engagement from your advertising message. This also helps the buyer feel smart because they got in on a deal that other customers don’t know about. If you have specific promotional codes, it will help you identify how many sales came from your newspaper advertising.

4. Are there any publications that are industry specific? Beyond newspapers, magazines are an excellent way to target specific industry audiences. Look on Google and try to find magazines that are specific to your market, and distributed within your target locations.

Here is a link that has cost for newspaper ad’s for publications all across the U.S.A. –  Entrepreneurs Newspaper Ad Rates  

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